Clay Paky HY B-EYE K15

HYper Power of Evolution: The new LEDwash benchmark

The B-EYE has revolutionized the way we think of LED show lighting. Its innovative optical unit enhances the uniformity and efficiency of the light output. The rotating front lens and the possibility to control each single LED individually have made spectacular kaleidoscopic projections and charming eye candy effectspossible. A sophisticated effect engine has made it easier to routinely use macro effects, which would otherwise be difficult to program. These technological innovations make the B-EYE a versatile product: it is a high-performance LED wash light, a perfect beam light, and a spectacular visual effect projector all in one. It has won several awards and been copied by countless manufacturers over the years.

Today Claypaky offers HY B-EYE, that is TWICE MORE POWERFUL and bright than B-EYE. It even offers more VERSATILITY and more INTERACTIVITY with the media servers (Kling-Net protocol included), it is very SILENT while featuring the same size and same control mode as the B-EYE.

Source Type: 19 x RGBW LED Osram OSTAR – Stage II LE RTDUW S2WN (6000 K)
LED Nominal Wattage: 40W
Versatile, three operating modes: wash, beam, FX effect
4°-60° Zoom range and even light spread
Individual LED control for each parameter
Invisible front grid
Beam edge softening control (in wash mode)
Exclusive parallel beam consisting of an array of individually controllable micro-beams
Enhanced electronic engine for dynamic beam pattern design, with digital accuracy and repeatability
Art-Net / RDM
Arkaos Kling-Net protocol already included in the firmware
Rotating front lens for countless vortex effects, for aerial or “kaleidoscopic” projection use
White CT Emulation 2500-8000K
RGB auto-tuning to lamp CT Emulation
Tungsten Lamp Emulation
Weight: about 21 Kg (46.3 lbs)

Clay Paky HY B-EYE K15